SC-100 : Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect

SC-100 : Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect


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Course Overview

This course prepares students with the background to design and evaluate cybersecurity strategies in the following areas: Zero Trust, Governance Risk Compliance (GRC), security operations (SecOps), and data and applications. Students will also learn how to design and architect solutions using zero trust principles and specify security requirements for cloud infrastructure in different service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS).

Audience Profile

IT professionals with advanced experience and knowledge in a wide range of security engineering areas, including identity and access, platform protection, security operations, securing data, and securing applications. They should also have experience with hybrid and cloud implementations.
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Job role: Solution Architect

Course Outline

Learning path 1: Introduction to Zero Trust and best practice frameworks

  • Introduction to best practices
  • Introduction to Zero Trust
  • Zero Trust RaMP initiatives
  • Zero Trust technology pillars

Learning Path 2: Design solutions that align with the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Well-Architected Framework (WAF)

  • Define a security strategy
  • Introduction to Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Cloud Adoption Framework―secure methodology
  • Introduction to Azure landing zones
  • Design security with Azure landing zones
  • Introduction to Well-Architected Framework
  • Well-Architected Framework―security pillar
  • Solutions with CAF and WAF
  • Case study

Learning Path 3: Design solutions that align with the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture (MCRA) and Microsoft cloud security benchmark (MCSB)

  • Introduction to MCRA and MCSB
  • Design solutions with best practices for capabilities and controls
  • Design solutions with best practices for attack protection
  • Case study

Learning Path 4: Design a resiliency strategy for common cyberthreats like ransomware

  • Common cyberthreats and attack patterns
  • Support business resiliency
  • Ransomware protection
  • Configurations for secure backup and restore
  • Security updates
  • Case study

Learning Path 5: Design solutions for regulatory compliance

  • Introduction to regulatory compliance
  • Translate compliance requirements into a security solution
  • Address compliance requirements with Microsoft Purview
  • Address privacy requirements with Microsoft Priva
  • Use Azure Policy to address security and compliance requirements
  • Evaluate infrastructure compliance by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Case study

Learning Path 6: Design solutions for identity and access management

  • Introduction to identity and access management
  • Design cloud, hybrid and multicloud access strategies (including Azure AD)
  • Design a solution for external identities
  • Design modern authentication and authorization strategies
  • Align Conditional Access and Zero Trust
  • Design a solution to manage secrets, keys and certificates
  • Case study


Learning Path 7: Design solutions for securing privileged access

  • Introduction to privileged access
  • Enterprise access model
  • Design identity governance solutions
  • Design a solution for securing administration of cloud tenants
  • Design for cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM)
  • Design a solution for privileged access workstations and bastion services
  • Case study

Learning Path 8: Design solutions for security operations

  • Introduction to security operations (SecOps)
  • Design security operations capabilities in hybrid and multicloud environments
  • Design centralized logging and auditing
  • Design SIEM solutions
  • Design solutions for detection and response
  • Design a solution for SOAR
  • Design security workflows
  • Design threat detection coverage
  • Case study

Learning Path 9: Design solutions for securing Microsoft 365

  • Security for Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams (M365)
  • Evaluate security posture for collaboration and productivity workloads
  • Design a Microsoft Defender 365 solution
  • Design configurations and operational practices for M365
  • Case study

Learning Path 10: Design solutions for securing applications

  • Intro to App Security
  • Design and implement standards to secure application development
  • Evaluate security posture of existing application portfolios
  • Design security life cycle strategy for applications
  • Design a solution for API management and security
  • Design a solution for secure access to applications
  • Securing containerized applications
  • Case study

Learning Path 11: Design solutions for securing an organization’s data

  • Intro to data security
  • Design a solution for data discovery and classification using Microsoft Purview
  • Design a solution for protection of data at rest, data in motion, and data in use
  • Data security in Azure workloads
  • Security for Azure Storage
  • Defender for SQL and Defender for Storage
  • Case study

Learning Path 12: Specify requirements for securing SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services

  • Securing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS (shared responsibility model)
  • Security baselines for cloud services
  • Specify security requirements for web workloads
  • Specify security requirements for containers and container orchestration
  • Case study

Learning Path 13: Design solutions for security posture management in hybrid and multicloud environments

  • Introduction to hybrid and multicloud environments
  • Posture evaluation with MCSB
  • Overview of posture evaluation with Defender for Cloud
  • Posture evaluation with Microsoft Defender for Cloud secure score
  • Design posture management and workload protection in hybrid and multicloud environments
  • Design cloud workload protection solutions that use Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Design a solution for integrating hybrid and multicloud environments by using Azure Arc
  • External attack surface management
  • Evaluate infrastructure compliance by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Microsoft Defender for IoT
  • Case study

Learning Path 14: Design solutions for securing server and client endpoints

  • Introduction to endpoint security
  • Specify server security requirements and baselines
  • Specify requirements for mobile devices and clients
  • Specify IoT and embedded device security requirements
  • Specify security baselines for server and client endpoints
  • Design a solution for secure remote access
  • Case study

Learning Path 15: Design solutions for network security

  • Design solutions for network segmentation
  • Design solutions for traffic filtering with network security groups
  • Design solutions for network posture management
  • Design solutions for network monitoring
  • Case study

Learning Path 16: Case Study

Learning Path 17: Case Study

Learning Path 18: Case Study

Learning Path 19: Case Study

Course Objectives

  • Design a Zero Trust strategy and architecture
  • Evaluate Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technical strategies and security operations strategies
  • Design security for infrastructure
  • Design a strategy for data and applications


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Advanced experience and knowledge in identity and access, platform protection, security operations, securing data and securing applications.
  • Experience with hybrid and cloud implementations.

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