PL-7001 : Applied Skill : Create and manage canvas apps with Power Apps

PL-7001 : Applied Skill : Create and manage canvas apps with Power Apps


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Course Overview

In this applied skill you’ll create your own data model and canvas app to support a scenario for a fictional company. You're provided high-level specifications on the custom tables, columns and canvas app needed to complete this project.

What is Microsoft Applied Skills?
Microsoft Applied Skills for instructor-led training is a 1-day credential designed to support learners who wish to gain one skill, aligned to scenarios or projects. 

Course Outline

Get started with Power Apps canvas apps
Get started with Microsoft Dataverse
Customize a canvas app in Power Apps
How to build the UI in a canvas app in Power Apps
Work with external data in a Power Apps canvas app
Write data in a Power Apps canvas app
Publish, share, and maintain a canvas app

Course Objectives

  • Explore how Power Apps can make your business more efficient
  • Use different technologies to perform different tasks in Power Apps
  • Build a canvas app in Power Apps in different ways
  • Create your first canvas app from data in an Excel workbook
  • Create tables with Dataverse
  • Add columns to a Dataverse table
  • Create relationships between tables with a lookup column
  • Add screens to a canvas app and navigate between screens
  • Change the data displayed by controls
  • Modify controls including galleries and forms
  • Use basic formulas
  • Build the UI through themes, icons, control customization, and images
  • Use personalization in a canvas 
  • Use preview and modify an app to fit different form factors.
  • Understand data sources for canvas apps in Power Apps
  • Use the Collect function
  • Work with Forms in canvas apps
  • Configure a submit button to write data
  • Use and understand the different form modes
  • Learn how to manage versions and publish your app
  • Learn how to share your app
  • Manage the lifecycle of your app


You should understand application development, writing formulas such as those in Excel, and creating, reading, updating, and deleting data.

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