MS-4001 : Applied Skill : Build collaborative apps for Microsoft Teams

MS-4001 : Applied Skill : Build collaborative apps for Microsoft Teams


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Course Overview

In this applied skill you’ll learn how to build and distribute Microsoft Teams apps that retrieve user information using the Microsoft Graph API. Practice building and deploying apps in the guided project at the end of the learning path.

What is Microsoft Applied Skills?
Microsoft Applied Skills for instructor-led training is a 1-day credential designed to support learners who wish to gain one skill, aligned to scenarios or projects. 

Course Outline

Get started building apps for Microsoft Teams using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code
Build conversational bots for Microsoft Teams
Build message extensions for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365
Build tabs for Microsoft Teams
Connect web services to Microsoft Teams using webhooks
Retrieve Microsoft 365 data for Microsoft Teams apps using Microsoft Graph
Deploy and publish Teams apps using Teams Toolkit
Guided Project: Build and deploy a Microsoft Teams app using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Course Objectives

  • Describe the basics of Teams platform apps.
  • Describe the benefits of using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code to build apps for Teams.
  • Describe the capabilities of Teams Toolkit.
  • Create and debug a Teams app by using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.
  • Create a conversational bot
  • Create a bot that sends an Adaptive Card
  • Create a bot that sends proactive messages to Microsoft Teams
  • Identify the appropriate type of message extension command for an app scenario
  • Create an action-based message extension
  • Create a search-based message extension
  • Describe considerations for building message extensions to be used as plugins for Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • Create a tab in Teams
  • Retrieve context in a Teams tab
  • Create a deep link to a Teams tab
  • Create an Incoming Webhook
  • Send data to an Incoming Webhook
  • Create an Outgoing Webhook
  • Process data received from an Outgoing Webhook
  • Describe how Microsoft Graph can enhance the functionality and user experience of a Teams app.
  • Authenticate users to access Microsoft Graph in a Teams app.
  • Configure permissions to access Microsoft Graph.
  • Retrieve user information using Microsoft Graph within a Teams app.
  • Provision Azure resources using Teams Toolkit
  • Deploy an app to Azure using Teams Toolkit
  • Describe different ways to publish your app to your organization’s store using Teams Toolkit
  • Create a conversational bot
  • Create a message extension
  • Create a webhook
  • Create a tab
  • Retrieve Microsoft 365 data using Microsoft Graph
  • Deploy app source code to Azure


Basic understanding of Microsoft Teams apps and their components, including adaptive cards and task modules
Ability to program with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js
Experience using Visual Studio Code at the intermediate level
Global administrator access to a Microsoft 365 tenant
Access to a Microsoft Azure subscription

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