AZ-2003 : Applied Skill : Deploy cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps

AZ-2003 : Applied Skill : Deploy cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps


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Course Overview

This applied skill helps you develop the skills necessary to configure a secure deployment solution for cloud-native apps. Learn how to build, deploy, scale, and manage containerized cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Pipelines.

What is Microsoft Applied Skills?
Microsoft Applied Skills for instructor-led training is a 1-day credential designed to support learners who wish to gain one skill, aligned to scenarios or projects. 

Course Outline

Get started with cloud-native apps and containerized deployments
Configure Azure Container Registry for container app deployments
Configure a container app in Azure Container Apps
Configure continuous deployment for container apps
Scale and manage deployed container apps
Guided Task: Deploy and manage a container app using Azure Container Apps

Course Objectives

  • Examine the concept of cloud-native applications
  • Explore the benefits and challenges of containerized deployments
  • Explore different deployment options and strategies for cloud-native applications
  • Examine best practices for managing and scaling containerized deployments in Azure
  • Describe Azure Container Registry and its role in container app deployments
  • Create and configure an Azure Container Registry
  • Explain the processes for pushing container images to Azure Container Registry
  • Describe the authentication methods and security features of Azure Container Registry
  • Describe the features and capabilities of Azure Container Apps.
  • Create and configure Container Apps and Container Apps Environments using the Azure portal.
  • Explain how to define and manage environment variables for Azure Container Apps.
  • Explain how to configure ingress options for Azure Container Apps.
  • Describe the process of scaling and managing instances of Azure Container Apps.
  • Explain the security considerations and best practices for configuring Azure Container Apps.
  • Describe the continuous deployment options for container apps.
  • Explain the purpose of Azure DevOps and how to use Azure Pipelines to support continuous integration and delivery of your applications.
  • Describe the terms and parts of Azure pipelines and how Azure Pipelines can be used to automate build, test, and deployment processes.
  • Describe the different types of agents and how to deploy self-hosted Windows agents for your pipelines.
  • Describe the types of variables used by pipelines and how to set secret variables.
  • Explain the use of revisions in Azure Container Apps
  • Describe the application lifecycle management in Azure Container Apps
  • Implement scaling options in Azure Container Apps
  • Configure ingress settings, traffic-splitting, and blue-green deployments


Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts: Familiarity with cloud computing fundamentals, such as virtualization, scalability, and on-demand resource provisioning.
Knowledge of containers: Understanding the concept of containers, their benefits, and how they differ from traditional apps and virtual machines.
Familiarity with container orchestration: Basic understanding of container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and their role in managing containerized applications.
Experience with Azure: Some familiarity with Microsoft Azure and its core container services, such as Azure Container Registry, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Container Apps.
Experience with deployments: Some familiarity with Azure DevOps or similar CI/CD tools for application deployment.
Experience with networks: Some familiarity with networking concepts and Azure Virtual Networks.

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