X++ Programming in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise for Finance and Operations

Duration : 2 Days

Course Contents

Module 01: Introduction to X++
Module 02: Runnable Classes
Module 03: Getting Started with X++
Module 04: Visual Studio Tools for X++
Module 05: Best Practices for X++
Module 06: Developing Classes
Module 07: Using X++ for Database Manipulation
Module 08: Using X++ for Exception Handling

At course completion:

Explore the code editor
Review the controls of the compiler
Create a runnable class
Review IntelliSense feature for coding
Introduce variable declaration
Review basic syntax
Identify key words and operators
Review the comparison tools
Demonstrate how data types are used in code
Discuss the use of the debugger
Review code best practices
Review the structure of classes
Demonstrate the use of methods
Create a base class
Review the concepts behind class inheritance
Create an inherited class
Review the best practices for classes
Review data retrieval process
Demonstrate best practices when updating data
Explain the transaction integrity checking system
Review how to update and delete data
Define the different exception types
Discuss key commands
Review code statements for exception handling
Review the security architecture
Explain role based security
Describe security elements in the Application Explorer
Modify and create security in the Application Explorer
Describe the Extensible Data Security Framework and how to use XDS policies
Review Business Intelligence features
Review reporting framework features
Explain services and integrations
Define and create data entities
Discuss the extension model
Discuss table extension methods
Review form and form control extensions
Review metadata extension approaches
Outline code extension approaches
Discuss overlaying model and granularity
Explain event handlers on tables and forms


General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
General knowledge of basic navigation within Visual Studio
Basic knowledge of development topics
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