Retail Merchandising and Inventory Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8

Duration : 3 Days

Course Contents

Module 00: Course Introduction 
Module 01: Overview
Module 02: Retail Workflow
Module 03: Units of Measure
Module 04: Variants
Module 05: Barcodes and Labels
Module 06: Category Hierarchies
Module 07: Released Products and Catalogs
Module 08: Assortments
Module 09: Modes of Delivery
Module 10: Price and Discount Groups
Module 11: Pricing and Discounts
Module 12: Vendor Catalogs
Module 13: Replenishment Setup
Module 14: Replenishment Process
Module 15: Product Kit Features
Module 16: Retail Periodic
Module 17: Reporting and Inquiries

At course completion:

Describe the features available in AX for retailers.
Review the architecture for retail functionality.
Review key concepts and terminology.
Review the user interface for headquarters, enterprise POS, modern POS, and Enterprise Portal.
Describe the Commerce Data Exchange, Commerce Run Time, and Real Time Service.
Discuss the features of retail workflow
Review the prerequisites for the workflow
Create and configure a new retail workflow
Demonstrate how to activate the retail workflow
Demonstrate how to associate a workflow with an organization
Demonstrate how to monitor the status of workflows and respond to work items
Define unit of measure
Demonstrate how to set up a unit of measure
Demonstrate how to set up a unit of conversion
Demonstrate how to set up additional features.
Describe the variant functionality
Explore how to setup sizes, colors, and styles
Assign sizes, colors, and styles to variant groups
Assign variant groups to a retail category
Assign variant groups to a product
Define products and create product variants.
Review the barcode features.
Explain barcode mask characters and barcode masks.
Demonstrate barcode setup process.
Demonstrate how to create and view barcodes.
Review the labels features.
Review product labels.
Review shelf labels.
Describe the category hierarchy types and key benefits.
Review features and functions available.
Discuss the attributes framework.
Review the features for retail products.
Set up new retail products.
Use the mass update worksheet.
Describe the use and purpose of catalogs.
Create new catalogs.
Explain how to use up-selling and cross-selling for catalog items.
Explore product page layouts.
Describe how to use source codes.
Review the assortment features.
Examine the new assortment creation process.
Explore assortment inquiries.
Describe how to set up an assortment scheduler.
Setup modes of delivery.
Add channels to delivery modes.
Add products to delivery modes.
Process delivery modes.
Describe retail price groups.
Review price group setup process.
Explain mix and match line group setup.
Discuss discount periods.
Review affiliation setup.
Review rounding groups and price point setup.
Describe the pricing and discounting features.
Discuss category and product pricing.
Discuss channel and catalog based pricing.
Discuss affiliation pricing.
Create price adjustments.
Create discounts, quantity discounts, and threshold discounts.
Configure mix and match discounts.
Describe the features of vendor catalogs.
Configure vendor sales and price margins.
Create vendor sales price points.
Define vendor product numbers.
Review the use and setup of replenishment hierarchies.
Discuss replenishment rules.
Set up replenishment service categories.
Discuss the replenishment process and key concepts.
Describe the cross docking feature.
Demonstrate cross docking for a purchase order.
Describe the buyer’s push process.
Demonstrate use of the buyer’s push for a purchase order.
Discuss product kit features.
Review the setup for product kits.
Assemble and disassemble product kits.
Review the periodic jobs for merchandising and inventory management.
Update the listing status for online stores.
Update product availability.
Setup and use related products.
Review the sales performance reports.
Discuss catalog area analysis.
Review pricing and price groups.


General knowledge of Microsoft Windows. 
General knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. 
The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for basic processing. 
Basic knowledge of Retail Application Functionality.

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