Process Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8

Duration : 2 Days

Course Contents

Module 00: Course Introduction
Module 01: Overview
Module 02: Formula Management
Module 03: Batch Orders
Module 04: Master Planning
Module 05: Batch Order Sequencing
Module 06: Containerized Packaging
Module 07: Catch Weight
Module 08: Lot and Batch Control
Module 09: Batch Attributes
Module 10: Potency Management
Module 11: Lot Inheritance
Module 12: Vendor Information
Module 13: Commodity Pricing
Module 14: Product Compliance
Module 15: Rebates
Module 16: Integration with Advanced Warehouse Management (WMS)

At course completion:

Explain General Concepts.
Review Formula Features and Elements.
Work with Plan Groups.
Describe batch order costing.
Explain the stages of the batch order life cycle.
Define the process manufacturing functionalities adhering to master planning.
Understand how batch order sequencing can be applied.
Explain the purpose and benefits of containerized packaging.
Define the setup for creating a Catch Weight (CW) item.
Create an inventory transaction with a partial visibility catch weight item.
Define shelf life and its related setups.
Explain batch attributes and setups.
Introduce how potency items are defined and configured.
Explain how Lot Inheritance works.
Explain Approved Vendor List (AVL) and define its related setups.
Define the setups required for commodity pricing.
Define product compliance and configure its necessary setups in Inventory management.
Explain rebates and their setup.
Describe using advanced warehouse management with FEFO date-controlled and same batch reservation.


Before viewing this training, individuals must have:
General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
General knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for basic processing
Basic knowledge of Process Manufacturing concepts.

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