Distribution and Trade in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Duration : 3 Days

Course Contents

Module 00: Course Introduction
Module 01: Overview
Module 02: Over and Under Delivery
Module 03: Charges
Module 04: Customer and Vendor Agreements
Module 05: Item Arrival Registration
Module 06: Quarantine Management
Module 07: Vendor Returns
Module 08: Sales Quotations
Module 09: Item Reservations
Module 10: Sales Order Picking
Module 11: Customer Returns
Module 12: Commissions
Module 13: Transfer Orders
Module 14: Reports

At course completion:

Set up the AR and AP to accept over and under delivery.
Set up acceptable over and under delivery percentages.
Create tiered charges for sales orders and purchase orders.
Manage over and under deliveries.
Set up a miscellaneous charges group.
Assign misc. group to customers, vendors, items, and orders.
Add price misc. charges to an item.
Set up miscellaneous charges codes.
Manually add misc. charges to a Sales and Purchase order.
Manually add misc. charges to the Purchase order lines.
Set up automatic miscellaneous charges.
Modify or delete the automatic miscellaneous charges.
Set up and use landed costs.
Add or change misc. charges during the PO invoicing process.
Set up and activate customer and vendor trade agreements.
Discuss the Price/Discount Groups.
Discuss the types of Vendor and Customer trade agreements
Explain how to set up and use trade agreement parameters.
Using trade agreement journals create, copy, or modify.
Set up and use of Trade agreement policies.
Set up and use Supplementary Items.
Set up and use Purchase and Sales agreements.
Set up registration requirements for incoming items.
Set up the Arrival overview form.
Start, register, and update item arrivals.
Explain how to receive Not-Stocked Item arrivals.
Set up a warehouse for quarantine management.
Set up an item to be automatically quarantined.
Create and process a manual quarantine order.
Set up automatic quarantine management.
Split, return, and scrap part of a quarintine order.
For a quarantine order, identify the inventory transactions.
Create a vendor or customer return using a Negative quantity
Create a return using the create credit note feature.
Create a return using the purchase order returned order.
Return an item with multiple serial and batch numbers.
Return a Not-Stocked item to a vendor.
Set up sales quotations.
Work with sales quotations.
Understand and use various functions.
Understand the three methods of reservations.
Set up reservations.
Manually reserve inventory.
View or query a reservation.
Cancel or change a reservation.
Setup automatic and explosion reservations.
Set up and process a one-step pick registration.
Register serial and batch numbers during the picking process
In the Pick form to edit, reverse, and split picks.
Set up the Release sales order picking form.
Allocate on-hand inventory for sales order picking.
Set up and use the picking workbench for sales order picking
Set up reason codes, disposition codes, and misc. charges.
Work with disposition actions.
Create a Return order and navigate the Return order form.
Process the arrival of a Return order.
Handle returned items in quarantine inspection.
Create a Replacement order.
Create a Not-stocked order return.
Explore reports and statistics to use for Customer returns.
Set up transport time and the delivery date control system.
Create a transfer order manually.
Use the Release transfer order picking form.
Ship and receive a transfer order.
Understand the Goods in transit forms and report.
Set up ABC classification on a single item.
Use the Physical inventory by inventory dimension report.
Use reports to help forecast sales and purchase expectations


General knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for basic processing.
Completed Supply Chain Foundation in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
Knowledge of trade and logistics.
Knowledge of inventory management concepts.

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